Juvenile AGM

05 Feb 2007 by Gilbert Williams

There was an attendance of 27 at a very successful Annual General Meeting of the Juvenile Club which was held in the clubroom on Thursday February 1st. Outgoing chairman Gilbert Williams presided. Also present were the officers of the senior club: Chairman-Connie Grace; Secretary-Kay Cahalan and Treasurers-Carmel Daly & Michael Cahill.

The meeting commenced with a review of a very successful 2006. (See Review of the Year). Fr Tom Hannon said that the evidence of the great work being done by the club was there for all to see. He complimented all who gave their time in developing the talent and skill of our young players.

In his final meeting as chairman, Gilbert Williams reflected on his ten years in office. He said that great strides had been made and he outlined the reasons for the club’s success:
( 1 ) The club had a solid core of committed coaches who were willing to learn.
( 2 ) There had been a deliberate focus on raising standards of skill and levels of discipline.
( 3 ) There had been improved treatment of players in relation to provision of gear etc.
( 4 ) Great work was been done in the local primary schools.
( 5 ) There had been excellent support from the senior club.
( 6 ) The club had a very talented group of players at its disposal.
( 7 ) The club had actively promoted itself using the local media.

Len Gaynor thanked the outgoing chairman for his contribution to the club’s development. He also added that the club had to be prepared to embrace change and adopt new methods to keep it to the forefront.
The following officers were elected: Presidents-Fr. Tom Hannon, Fr. Enda Burke, Paddy Quinlan and Tom McLoughney; Chairman- Sean Ward; Secretary- Sean Lawlor; P.R.O.-Gilbert Williams and North Board Rep.- Sean Lawlor.

The incoming chairman Sean Ward said that he was honoured to accept the position and pledged to work to the best of his ability in the interest of the club. Sean has been very active in the club for a number of years. He has been a selector with the u-12’s for the past two years and prior to that he had worked with the u-10’s. Sean is a member of the Board of Management of Kilruane School and has always been particularly helpful to the principal on match days. Sean is an energetic and effective member of the senior club committee. He is married to Mary Hogan and they have two children Robert and Sarah.

The following selectors were appointed for 2007:
U-8 Jimmy Brady, Pat Shanahan and Michael O Neill;
U-10 Christy Morgan, Ned Darcy and Enda McLoughney;
U-12 Sean Ward, Liam Boyle and John Hyland;
U-14 Jimmy Cahill, Fr. Tom Hannon, Len Gaynor;
U-16 Michael Conway, John Cahill and Gilbert Williams.

The plans for the year were then outlined and include the following: Indoor hurling sessions are due to resume on Tuesday February 20th.The club intends to organise U-10, U-11, U-14 and U-16 hurling tournaments. The Saturday coaching sessions are scheduled to begin on April 28th with Eoin Kelly in attendance.

After a lapse of six years the parish league is going to be revived with the first games on Saturday May 5th. The annual Summer Camp will be held in Thomas MacDonagh Park during the first week of July. The U-12 and U-14 panels will make their annual visit to Croke Park in summer. An All-Ireland forecast competition will be the main fundraiser for the club. The winner will have to predict the All-Ireland finalists and the eventual champions in both hurling and football.

Before the conclusion of the meeting chairman Connie Grace promised that the juvenile club would have the full backing of the senior club. The first committee meeting was fixed for Friday February 9th at 8.00 p.m. .

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